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"Coat-hanger Massacre"  live at Badstuen in Odense, Denmark on Sep 1, 2006    View

"Executive Onslaught"  live at Badstuen in Odense, Denmark on Sep 1, 2006    View

"Sulphuric Semen"  live in Beirut on Oct 7, 2006    View

"Symptoms of Accrued Transgression"  live in Beirut on Oct 7, 2006    View

"Toxic Bowel Manoeuvre"  live in Beirut on May 26, 2006    View                                                                

  Interviews with Freemuse on July 2006   View                                                                   

                                                                                                                              "APPLIED SCHIZOPHRENIC SCIENCE" ALBUM REVIEWS 

Unholy Cult  View

Bruview (German)   View

Dronevil (German)   View

Masterful Magazine (Polish)   View

Delusion Envelope   View

The Metal Observer   View

Vampire Magazine   View (German)   View

Metal Impact (French)   View   View

Voices from the Darkside   View

PowerMetal (German)   View

Brutalism   View 

SoulBurner (German)   View 

Metal Glory (German)   View                     

Black Angel Promotions   View  

Metal Revolution   View

Gutfucked Zine   View 

Alternative Zine   View

Vomit The Soul   View

Thrashocore (French)   View

SoulKiller Webzine   View

Revolution Music (Danish)   View

Mroczna Strefa (Polish)   View

Metalius (German)   View

Metal Zone (Danish)   View

Maelstrom   View    

Empire of Death (Italian)   View           

DeadTide    View

DeadFall (German)   View  

BloodDawn (German)   View  

Bright Eyes (German)   View

Blood Chamber (German) View 

Diabolical Conquest   View

Live4Metal   View

Burning Misery   View 

Nocturnal Horde   View

My Last Chapter   View   

Metal Review   View  

Extreme Aggression (German)   View

Ancient Spirit (German)   View  

Metal District (German)   View 

Possessed (German)   View     

GoodTimes Mag   View 

Hyperblast Universe   View  

Violent Solutions (French)   View 

Burn Your Ears (German)   View     

NecroSlaughter (German)   View    

Gore Box (Russian)   View                                                                                                                    






INTERVIEWS/FEATURES (German)   View                                                                                                                                                    

Berlingske Tidende, August 2006 (Danish)   View                                                                                                     

Jyllands Posten, September 2006 (Danish)   View                                                                                                                    

Zero Tolerance in Issue #013   View                                                                                                         

Empire of Death (Italian)   View                                                                                                                                   

Modart Magazine  Coming soon







"Executive Onslaught" on Grindethic Records Damn &  Blast Vol.2 View

"Pear of Anguish" on Zero Tolerance Cover Issue #013 View